• Kiwi Curry Wurst with Potato salad

    Kiwi Curry Wurst with Potato salad

    A Kiwi twist on a  European classic Ingredients 4 Frank’s Swiss Veal Bratwurst Tomato Sauce Curry Powder   Potato Salad 10-12 small  Potatoes ( Skin on ) .  Waxy ones are ideal for this recipe. 1 Cup mayonnaise Black pepper / salt ¼  White onions 12 Small gherkins ( Keep some of the gherkin brine to the side ) 3 had boiled eggs  ...
  • Chicken and French Tarragon Summer salad

    Chicken and French Tarragon Summer salad

    Something a bit lighter for those summer days – full of summer greens that the kids will love Ingredients 6 Frank’s Chicken and French Tarragon Sausages 1 small red onion ,  or ½ of a large red onion peeled and sliced 1 Tbsp fresh oregano or thyme 40 g pitted olives 150 gm red cherry tomatoes 1 little gem lettuce, torn ½ small cucumber...
  • Chicken Chipolata, Pesto Pasta

    Chicken Chipolata, Pesto Pasta

    A really tasty mid week meal that the whole family will love. Ingredients 6 Frank’s Chicken Chipolata’s 250 gm’s  Penne Pasta 140 gms  Broccoli 7  sliced sundried tomatoes 20 gm toasted pine nuts 60 gm Fresh Pesto Salt Black Pepper Juice of half a lemon Parmesan shavings Olive oil Next Steps. 1:Fry sausages on a medium heat for 10 minutes until nicely browned 2:...
  • Easy Sausage Rolls for kids

    Easy Sausage Rolls for kids

    Easy and quick for kids meals during the week  - an added bonus is that they love helping make these with you Ingredients 8  Frank’s Pork Chipolatas   2 sheets of puff pastry 1 Egg 1 T of poppy or sesame seeds Method : 1: Defrost 2 sheets of puff pastry. 2: Preheat the oven to 180 degrees , line tray with baking paper. 3:...
  • Perfect Hot Dogs

    Perfect Hot Dogs

    It’s all about the quality of the Frankfurter , when making the perfect Hot Dog. If a Frankfurter does not “snap” when you break it – then it’s not a  good quality Frankfurter. Ingredients 6 Hot Dog Buns 1 packet of Frank’s Frankfurters Mustard Tomato Sauce Onions Next Steps 1: Warm up a pan on a cook top. Add Butter or Olive oil to...
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