Hi, I’m Frank,

I make great sausages, but I don't write great poetry – so I’ll keep this to the point.

The first point is, I really am Frank. Born in Hamburg, moved to New Zealand, raising a family and live and work in the Waikato.

Trust me, this is no big manufacturer trying to look like a one-man band. This is a one-man band with an equally hard-working wife and a handful of supporters trying to make and sell the best quality sausages we possibly can.

I’ll compromise on the good things in life if I have to, but one thing I’ll never compromise on is the quality of our ingredients or the natural, nutritious methods we use to make them – methods that take far more time, but that make a far better sausage.

To be Frank, there is enough rubbish out there when it comes to buying sausages and in a country like New Zealand with the quality of our meat and the wonderful ingredients we have available to us, I just think that’s wrong.

If you agree, please enjoy one of my sausages knowing I’ll personally guarantee it because I personally made it.

Thanks a lot. Your support is really appreciated.



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