For those of you who just don't want to eat RED Meat and can't find a damn decent chicken sausage. A great selection of our finest chicken products at a great value Price. Save around 8% when you order in Bulk  "Don't Call Me Chicken" contains:

1 pack of Chicken Chipolata's (8 pack)

1 pack of Chicken French Tarragon Sausages (6 pack)

1 pack of Chicken, Apricot  and Tumeric Sausages (6 pack)

1 pack of Chicken, Mango and Coconut (6 pack)

1 packet of Chicken, Apricot and Turmeric Gourmet Grind (450 gm)

If you are you looking for a KETO FRIENDLY chicken pack option - select the KETO Friendly "Don't call me chicken" pack option

$5 shipping  or spend $70, for free shipping